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notaclothespony I didn't like the color when it was on the hanger. But it actually looks very good when I tried it on. It flares a little at the bottom so even at XL size, it's slimming (hard to do with my waist line!) It's a VERY light, comfy, soft, stretchy material I can wear all day and push the sleeves up past my elbow easily - perfect for our air-conditioned office at work.

The only problem is the fabric is weak. The cloth has already developed a a little hole at the edge of the back of a button, and I haven't even worn it out yet. But I got it on sale, so I bought a second one for even less $$ in case the first one wears out!

I love denim jackets, but since I wear jeans all the time, dark blue on dark blue is too much: too matchy-matchy. This one is so light colored, it makes plenty of contrast to my jeans. It's hard to find a light, soft denim jacket of a contrasting color I can wear with jeans, so that's another reason why I bought two.


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French Connection Women’s Albany Jacket

Motorcycle jacket
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